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Mark Musgrove

Lead Investigator

Carina Harvey

Lead Investigator

I have always been interested in the paranormal.  I can still remember when at the age of 3 my grandad passed away at home and I went with my parents to the house and being in the front room with the curtains still closed , I remember seeing a shadow that looked like an outline of a person which gradually floated upwards and disappeared . Now whether that was anything paranormal I don't know but,I have never forgotten it.  A few years ago I was asked to go to a family/friends Paranormal night and this is where I met our Team Leader Karin for the very first time, along with  other Paranormal Investigators. I went on a couple more and was then asked to join South Bristol Paranormal  as a Team Member. I have attended many Investigations, but yet to see an apparition or been touched,  like some of my fellow Investigators have experienced. I hope one day I will experience something that I can't debunk.

Beverley Serle

Lead Investigator

I've always thought I believed and over the years, have waited for my Nan to talk, or give me a sign, that she is with me, but to no avail. hat was it we were hooked wanting more.  I became involved with SBP, attending Investigations and become a Team Member. I am the Sceptic one, who tries to debunk everything, because to me there is always an answer. But I am still searching because occasionally, there has been that odd interaction when I think " well that was interesting I can't explain that". So on I go looking for that object that flies across the room, or Apparition that stands in front of me. Who knows one day it may happen

Team Members

Sarah Deverall

Lead Investigator

I have had an interest in the strange and unusual since childhood. One Parent was COE, the other a Spiritualist. So have always had two different view points. Then I was on an Investigation at St Briavels and was hooked. I have been on a massive journey, where I used to believe in ghosts etc. I now have my doubts, but still hope there is life after death. Always looking for that elusive piece of evidence. I do this for me and no one else, plus draw my own conclusions.I have met some fantastic people on my journey and hopefully, it will continue for a long time to come.

Alan Pine

Lead Investigator

I live in Bristol but I am from Devon, where I had my first Paranormal experience when I was 8 years old. Beverly took me to a SBP Investigation at Caldicot Castle in 2014.
After a time, I joined the Team. We often meet up with other Groups and it was on one of those nights, I caught the most amazing bit of video footage (The Ginny Hair Flick) which I thank Ginny for. With all my experiences, I would consider myself a believer and hope to be able to capture a full body apparition on Camera in the future.

For as far back as I can remember I've been interested in the unknown. For instance, who were my children talking to when they were small , why was our rocking chair moving when it was only myself in the house ?
I got involved with SBP after Ginny had been on a few investigations and I was asked to go along one night . Well what I heard and saw made my hairs on my arms stand on end ( this is an ongoing joke now ) . It's not about waiting to see someone running around with a white sheet over their head, but real movement, shadow, noise etc that really makes your think.
So now I am a Team  Member and we have visited some amazing places . I am a believer, I think there is something out there.
So there might be a rational explanation for what you may have seen or heard or it may not be debunked and could be paranormal???

Clare Thomas

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Debbie Payne

Lead Investigator

I’ve been interested in the paranormal for almost a decade. I've had a few experiences happen to me, to which I can’t debunk or explain, so I suppose my look on it, things happen for a reason whether paranormal or physiological and here’s to more looking out for the truth.

I have always had a fascination with the paranormal, my Grandfather was certain we had mediumship within the family and it's something I have always been keen, though wary. I am especially interested in the time dimensions we live in. Having experienced as a child what I can only describe as a time hop, it's been something I'm keen to pursue within the paranormal world. I have been on many Investigations and would say I have matured over the years, describing myself as on the fence. I would like to believe, but need more evidence!

Ginny Fear

Lead Investigator
I first got interested in the Paranormal, by my Dad who would buy me books and tape things for me..
My amazing hair flick which was caught on film by the lovely Alan Pine, is just a taste of the things I hope to happen to me. My top experience would be a full on , things flying poltergeist ...
Until then we all keep searching and hoping....
Our Team and the other Teams we work with, have become my family and I love every minute of an Investigation.

Karin Beasant

Lead Investigator & Founder of South Bristol Paranormal

I have always been intrigued by the thought of Ghosts and an Afterlife. Living in a haunted pub for 3 three years, heightened my passion to go into the Paranormal with like minded friends.

So SBP became a reality in 2010. Over the years, some of the Members have left and new faces have replaced them.

Now we have a Great Team, a mix of belief and sceptic views, which gives the Group a great base to use science in our approach to the Paranormal field.

Myself, I was a total believer, now I am more sceptical, due to how our Brain can mistake and confuse us, on what we see and and hear.