Small Rig with JVC Camcorder and Paratechuk IR lights.


JVC converted Camcorders are just amazing, film with the lid closed or open, has such a fantastic clear image

IR Rig.

The distance of the IR light is amazing.

Perfect for long tunnels etc


Comes with different extras. We use the 6-in-1.

EMF, EM Field Output, Temp, Shadow Detector etc.

Again this is open to interpretation of what you may or may not be communicating with. Is it a 'spirit' or nothing?


3 in one Device. Temp - Geophone and EMF Sensor.

This has mixed results, doesn't seem to be affected by mobile phone/wifi and we have had some interesting things happen with this device.

A must for us, but of course, is it Paranormal?

South Bristol Paranormal

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Electronic Voice Phenomenon

These are sounds that we capture on audio recorders. There is a view that some of these are by a 'spirit' etc.

As with any equipment, reducing contamination, knowing how to review, plus understanding how stomachs, rain, whispering, can all give you a false evp. Even when you catch an evp, people will hear it differently, due to their own hearing etc.

EE Action Cam, converted by Glen Smith with his handmade IR Light, perfect for small spaces etc.

If you want to do this seriously, then you need good Camcorders and IR lights.

Most of our kit has been purchased from Glen Smith of

The quality and clarity of the video footage is second to none. Plus no Dust orbs etc.

Rem Pod 

The Rem Pod uses a mini telescropic antenna, to supposedly radiate it's own magnetic field around it. 'Spirits' can communicate through this, by lighting up on command. This is open to interpretation and things like walkie talkies etc, can give false readings.