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South Bristol Paranormal was established in March 2010 and over the years has grown from strength to strength. Whilst we take our investigations seriously we strive to keep our Investigations as professional and scientific as each individual location allows. 

We have a Team of  experienced Investigators, led by Karin - the Group Founder - comprising of sceptics, opened minded and believer. We hold many private investigations at some fantastic locations around the UK and Ireland.  We often work in conjunction with other paranormal professional groups. Although Investigating the Paranormal is a passion for us all, we all also hold down a variety of careers and professions. 

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PASSED AWAY 2nd June 2017

Alan lost his battle against the dreaded Cancer.

He was founder of Wiltshire Paranormal.

Alan was a close friend to many of us and we joined forces many times over the

last three years.

He will be greatly missed by us all.

The photo's opposite, are our tribute to him.

Till we meet again dear friend